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First of all a question of atmosphere …

The art of animation is first of all a question of atmosphere … Joining your cultural event to your atmosphere and diving your guests in it in order to make them live a certain era or way of life.

To live at the end of the XIXth century, is living in a time where the Art Nouveau is run by the greatest: Horta, Hankar. Both will be there to ask your advice for coming up with the plans of their own houses.

Discovering the ninth art does not only happen on paper: you will also find our cartoon authors and their main figures.

Living out gastronomy means meeting the actors and kings of our tables…

Discovering the musical culture equally means meeting our authors full of talent or bringing back to life those who made our history.

Charlie Chaplin, Thompson and Thomson, Dominique Corbiau, Schuiten, dancers, noble court of Charles V, musicians, Jacques Brel by Stan or Nicolas, magicians …They will be there for you and with an eye for details.

Our supervision and coordination services for your cultural event, for your transfers: timing, flexibility, pro-activity are their key words … welcoming airport, logistic shuttle, restaurant accompanying, shopping accompanying …                                                          DOWLOAD OUR CATALOG OF ANIMATION HERE



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